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About My Company

Who is CES?

Since 1998, CES has been providing HR and Safety and Payroll Management programs for residential contractors. In 2007, CES narrowed our focus to provide these services only to residential repair and replacement companies in recognized business support groups. In 2016, CES added Compliance Protection. Your In-House employee management systems and controls – CES customized support and resources, helping protect our customers’ growing businesses from the rapidly changing rules and regulations with which all companies are required to comply.

You focus on growing your profitable business, and CES protects what you have built!

What do we do?

COMPLIANCE PROTECTION – PROTECT YOUR BRAND, PROTECT YOUR PROFITS, PROTECT YOUR FUTURE! Employee compensation expense is, on average, 30% of revenue. BUT employees are almost 100% of your liability. CES delivers exclusive and Industry-recognized HR and Safety and Compensation Management services with on call support. Every company’s services are customized, based on where you operate, how many employees you have, your compensation plan, and a host of other components. Compliance Protection reduces the possible liabilities from employees actions and protects your BRAND, your PROFITS and your FUTURE.

Why do we do it?

Because someone must! Compliance is only as good as the Protection it provides.

We are focused on the special opportunities and needs your unique business models demand. AND keeping up with the ever-changing rules and regulations that apply to businesses. CES is committed to supporting your vision and emerging industry. We work with companies that are changing their industry in a positive way. Contact us for a complimentary evaluation and customized solution.